About Me

An American girl living in England and roving about the world. If I come off as a stone cold bitch it’s only because I left my heart in Venice.

Sangiovese and limoncello in Bologna.
Sangiovese and limoncello in Bologna.

I harbour serious love for: history, getting a good deal, cats, blood oranges, a large glass of wine, a large glass of champagne, a large glass of gin, farmers markets and farm shops, mean girls quotes, poking fun at modern art, old books, carbohydrates in all forms, terribly British sports which I can never quite comprehend the rules of (I’m looking at you, cricket), and the Oxford comma.

And what do I love not? Pickles. Gherkins. The devil’s willy. Whatever you want to call them. They are atrocious and sometimes I wonder if I want to carry on living in a world where they exist.
I’m also wary of anyone who owns a Kindle.

Fun facts:
I can down a pint of water faster than anyone I know. This is likely the result of a ‘sobering up before bedtime’ game my best friend and I invented in our early twenties. If you’d like more details, just ask.
* I once got simultaneously banned from six hotels in Las Vegas. If you’d like more details, you’re not getting them.
* I’m so bad at Maths that I almost couldn’t graduate from High School even though I had straight A’s in every other subject. My professors always told me that I’d need to use things like algebra and trigonometry in the real world. They lied, that shit is fully useless.
* After three glasses of wine I can impersonate pretty much anyone in the world perfectly… or maybe I’m just drunk and I think I can.
* If you have a cat, I can offer you a 100% guarantee that it will like me more than it likes you.


I started this blog because I’ve gotten into a habit of travelling by myself (to the extreme and constant distress of my mother). I’ve got nothing against my friends, but I like to think that traveling solo makes for the best random stories. I hope you enjoy mine, even when I try to sneak a history lesson in…

The newest addition to Stourhead's Temple of Apollo.
The newest addition to Stourhead’s Temple of Apollo.

x Courtney

PS – You can contact me at hergrandtour@gmail.com
More PS – All photos on this blog are my own. They’re almost exclusively taken from my little iPhone because I have been self diagnosed as too irresponsible to own a fancy camera after an incident which involved taking my handbag (and its contents) swimming with me in the Mediterranean.
(Sidenote: Euros are surprisingly waterproof)
UPDATE: I purchased a Sony Alpha in July 2016 and as of April 2017 it is still functioning (and it takes amazing photos).


    • courtneyamberfleming

      Hi Meredith! I’m living over in Bath now, or else I would have loved to! Enjoy Windsor – there’s an incredible old book shop on the walk from Windsor to Eton (if I remember right it’s just on the left after you cross over the bridge). Very jealous of Iceland. One of my best friends has just come back and she had nothing but good things to say about it, I’d love to go soon! Safe travels, and get some photos up when you’re in Iceland – I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous! x

      Liked by 1 person

      • How do you like Bath? I visited for a day about a month ago… and maybe it was the naivety of not knowing what to do once there (besides the roman baths), but I was slightly disappointed :/
        Iceland photo’s to come soon. I just got back from Munich yesterday, and leave for Sheffield Friday. Lots to catch up on haha
        take care. – Meredith


      • courtneyamberfleming

        I love Bath. It’s definitely a city that can be difficult for the first time. I know a lot of friends who have been and felt the same, they just went to the Roman Baths and had lunch and headed home. There’s a great museum about the architecture of Bath (all of the huge crescents etc.) – and there’s also a great story about all of the Georgian mayhem that went on here in places like Sydney Pleasure Gardens. There’s free Mayor’s guide tours you can go on that are fantastic, I always recommend them to anyone coming here. It’s a 90 min or so walking tour.
        Looking forward to the Iceland photos! Did you get a glimpse of the lights? I bet it was gorgeous regardless. Feeling you on the catching up… my mind is still in Venice right now and I’ve been back for a few days! x

        Liked by 1 person

  1. fromdreamtoplan

    Hi Courtney! So happy to have found your blog! I’m a travel lover too so following you will definitely be useful and inspiring! I’m looking forward to reading your posts! 🙂

    I’m Italian and my city is 30 min by train from Venice…I totally feel you about that city!



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